Anako Sense

Redefining blasthole measurement

Quickly measure hole depth, temperature and water level from the safety of the vehicle cabin

The Anako Sense allows mine technicians to measure and monitor within blast holes without leaving the vehicle.

The temperature probe can be winched down drill holes, recording temperatures as it goes, then returns to the surface.


Protective, climate-controlled operator cabin
Data integrity maintained with direct network transfer
Informed shot preparation with exact location, hole and water depth, and hole temperature
Rapid cycle times
Multiple hole processing at each stop
Touch-screen control over machine functions, including automated positioning and sensing processes

We developed the Anako Sense specifically for open-pit mine sites where operating environments can be hazardous to personnel on foot: heat and humidity, artic altitude, vehicle interactions, among many others.

Previously, technicians measured the temperatures of the drill holes on foot, manually lowering the temperature probes.

Even when wearing protective gear, this is a high-risk activity due to geyser events—when boiling water and rock erupts from beneath a drill hole.

The Anako Sense allows technicians to stay safe inside the vehicle, out of harm’s way.

The Anako machine range

Prolonged exposure to the elements and repetitive stress injuries can become workplace hazards of the past. Our Anako range of surface mining machines will bring to reality what mining above ground can be: fully mechanised, automated, and safe.

The Anako Sense is only the beginning. Let’s turn your strategic need into your strategic advantage.