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Great solutions and collaboration come hand in hand

From our first conversation to long after delivery, we’re with you every step of the way.

Our collaborative process means you’ll get the best solution—and we’ve proven it many times over.

1. Understand your challenge

Great solutions only come when the problem is deeply understood. For every project, our first port of call is getting to know you, your stakeholders, your environment and the problem.

2. Concept design

Working closely with you, we’ll understand your ideal solution and get to work to see how we can make it happen.

Our design team works in-house and includes qualified engineers who specialise in robotics, mechanical, fluid power, electrical, controls and PLC, and software engineering.

Our 3D design systems will give you a clear idea of how the solution is coming together and how it will meet your needs, and we’ll be talking you through every step of the way with detailed multimedia design journals.

3. Prototyping and testing

We create virtual simulations and prototype test rigs of a product to verify subsystem performance and ensure we are solving the problems.

We put the overall system solution through rigorous testing, identifying issues and potential risks well before shipping offsite.

4. Manufacturing

Our factory at Northgate in Brisbane houses our team of skilled experts who manufacture onsite and bring the solution we develop for you to life. We have the capability to machine and fabricate new machinery and customise existing machinery.

5. Site commissioning and training

When it is time to deliver the new solution, we can visit your site and provide full commissioning and training to your team, or alternatively, we can provide you with training material.

We’ll create manuals and supporting documents to ensure your people have everything they need to use the new machinery safely and to its full potential. We’ll work onsite with your people and show them exactly how it works and how to operate it.

We will also provide your maintenance teams with critical spares recommendations and other supporting material.

6. Ongoing support

We stay in the picture long after we deliver your solution. We’re always on hand to support you and your people.

OMR is transforming how the world mines by turning manual mining processes into mine-spec robotic solutions.