Remote Charge Up

Mechanised underground charge-up

Automated explosive manufacturing

Shifting personnel away from volatile rock faces is the first step we are taking to safer underground mining with the Remote Charge Up.

Composed of multiple enabling subsystems, the RCU prepares pre-drilled holes for charge-up and transports underground mining explosives safely by keeping the emulsion separate from the reactive agents—mixing only just before an explosion is needed.

The RCU allows the management of explosive mix for precisely controlled blasts. Inefficient over-blast is reduced, which also cuts down costs.

Removing hazards in underground mines

There are many hazards associated with transporting live explosives—especially with the added risks in underground mines.

These risks are dramatically reduced in automated explosives mixing where mixing occurs immediately before injection into drilled holes.

The RCU allows tunnelling and production in underground mining in one simple machine. We designed it to be safe, reliable and easy for operators to use.


smart repackaging of conventional detonator and booster
for low-cost charge-up mechanisation




The Remote Charge Up is being co-developed with a consortium managed by the
Canada Mining Innovation Council (CMIC).



OMR underground range

Underground miners face different dangers and operational challenges that make mechanisation and automation more urgent than ever. Our range of fit-for-purpose underground solutions aim to fully mechanise and automate underground mining, one machine at a time.

The RCU is only the beginning. Let’s turn your strategic need into your strategic advantage.