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Olitek Mining Robotics

Transforming how the world mines through mine-spec robotic solutions.


  • Intuitive and innovative solutions
  • Mine-spec designs
  • Inhouse mine-spec fabrication and assembly
  • Pre-deployment validation and testing
  • Site-specific operations and maintenance training material and documentation
  • Operational readiness support
  • Ongoing life-of-machine support
  • Open cut and underground environments
  • Explosives handling
  • Mine-spec robotics
  • Vision and AI systems
  • Operator-centric user interfaces
  • Maintainer-centric machine layouts
  • Remote mine maintenance support

We use the TRL (Technology Readiness Level) process to determine the maturity and deliverability of our projects and machines. Our parent company, Olitek, has delivered TRL9-level solutions—in full production, commercially available, and fully supported machines—for various industries over the past 25 years.

ISO 9001 quality approved for 10 consecutive years

We have been externally audited to meet and exceed the requirements for ISO 9001: Quality Systems. These practices are woven through our day-to-day business operations.


Founded on rich mine-spec history, experience, and expertise.

OMR is part of Olitek, an engineering company founded in 1994 in Mackay, Queensland. For over 25 years it has designed, built, commissioned, and supported a number of TRL9-level technologies—in full production, commercially available, and fully supported machines—particularly for mining, but also including shipping and electrical industries.


Key capabilities under one roof

Our specialist design and manufacturing teams, skills, and equipment are all housed at our site in Brisbane, Australia. Every day we are engaged with technology development and deployment, design, and manufacture to bring our solutions to mine site-ready stage.

Olitek -88_web

A team on a mission

Our team provides innovative engineering solutions today to create a safer, smarter, and faster future for mining. Every day, we look for technologies, techniques, and novel ways of using them to deliver cost-effective, fit-for-purpose solutions that truly address mining challenges of the present and beyond.


At OMR, smart design is only the beginning.

Let’s turn your strategic need into your strategic advantage.