Anako Sense 1b

Mining with OMR

Safer, smarter, faster.


Transforming your strategic need into your strategic advantage.

As mines get deeper, hotter, and more remote, there is an increasing need for a new standard in both surface and underground operations.

Olitek Mining Robotics is the mining industry arm of Olitek where we design, develop, produce, deliver, and support robotic engineering solutions that enable a safer, greener, and more productive mining industry.

Concept to Commissioned

Working with OMR means getting a specialist team with complete capabilities and facilities under one roof, with ongoing support, training, and parts supply beyond project completion.


We scope.

We seek to understand our clients’ goals, stakeholders, challenges and ideal solution.

We design.

Our designers with diverse engineering specialisations are in-house, which enables a streamlined design and collaboration process with our clients.

We manufacture.

Our site in Brisbane, Australia includes a workshop facility that houses all our workshop teams and equipment.

We commission.

As a true turnkey solutions provider, with every machine we also provide commissioning, training, and support to our clients.


Mining Safer

We are driven by the vision to remove mining workers from high-risk zones and dangerous environments. We are creating a safer, smarter, and faster mining future through providing our customers with clever mine-spec robotic machines to perform the high-risk mining tasks and keep their operators safe.


Mining Smarter

Our journey started 25 years ago in maintaining mining machinery. Then, 15 years ago we started designing better mining machinery, and our strong safety focus has seen us evolve into the mining-specific robotics specialists that we are today. Every OMR machine carries our mine-spec operability, maintainability, and survivability as part of its DNA.


Mining Faster

Our application of robotics into mine-spec machinery simplifies user processes and can shorten process times. Smart data management systems eliminate error-prone manual systems, providing much-improved data integrity and streamlined business processes.


Redefining blasthole measurement

Automate blasthole temperature, hole and water depth monitoring while the operator is protected by a blast-proof cabin from surface mining hazards, such as prolonged exposure to the elements and dangerous geyser events.



Mechanised underground charge-up

Mechanising what workers do dangerously close to the rock face is an urgent need, especially as mines go deeper. Exposure reduction from potential rock bursts is an effective control, and OMR has engineered an industry-first machine that accomplishes that.